That’s Not What Was Supposed To Happen

I love a recipe that not only has an amazing taste, but that has an amazing finished appearance as well. Presentation is key to a creative perfectionist like me. I mean, I drink tap water out of my prettiest mugs and eat Cheezits out of my fanciest bowls just so they look nice.

Naturally, when I saw these pesto rolls that Alice from Savory Sweet Life had made, I was beyond excited to get to work on them immediately. Perfectly rounded puffs with simple swirls of pesto equals the cutest dinner rolls I’ve ever laid eyes on. After a quick supermarket run, I was ready to begin the cooking task at hand. Fast forward to my kitchen 45 minutes later and add a tube of the wrong dough and I got some very interesting creations.

No, by pesto roll Alice did not mean mini taco, deformed cookie, or wannabe pretzel, all of which I ended up with. You can thank my need to salvage anything I could from the recipe’s ingredients for those delightful looking disasters. Yet in the end, while not exactly the finished product Alice originally made or I intended for, these bite-sized mishaps tasted decent and provided the night’s entertainment for the residents of my apartment.

Doo-doo-doo-dooooo! (That was a trumpet noise. Just in case we weren’t on the same page.) Important conclusion time. For a novice cook, which I can assume a majority of college students are, cooking mistakes are inevitable. And, when you are particularly accident-prone in the kitchen like me (I swear, I just look at the freezer and something falls out), your chances are doubled. But don’t give up! Where would the fun be in that? Nowhere, I tell you. Absolutely nowhere.

So, in honor of the wonderful lesson I learned from my pesto roll disaster, I asked Alice to share one of her kitchen catastrophes. Find out how she learned the hard way that drinking glasses are not good substitutes for mixing bowls.


“An unorganized kitchen is a recipe for disaster. Our galley style kitchen has very little counter space to cook and is often times cluttered with ingredients. On a very hot summer day a few years ago I was making an Asian dish which required a mixture of soy sauce, sugar and fish sauce. I mixed these ingredients in a tall clear drinking glass, allowing it to rest and giving the sugar time to dissolve. I left the house to run an errand and when I arrived home I was so thirsty from the warm weather. I walked into the kitchen to get something to drink. What I wanted was a Diet Coke which I had been drinking earlier in the day. I saw my drinking glass and took a big gulp of cola only to discover it wasn’t cola at all. I had accidentally taken a big drink of the soy sauce-fish sauce mixture I had made earlier in the day. A split second later after I realized what had happened, I forcefully spit it out.  The displeasing aftertaste of fish sauce lingered in my mouth the rest of the day.  Needless to say, I never mix ingredients in drinking glasses anymore and recommend other people also do the same.” -Alice from Savory Sweet Life

Lessons learned from this post: buy the correct dough and invest in some good mixing bowls! Any recipe suggestions to use up the rest of my pesto? Unfortunately, it didn’t quite get to serve its original purpose.

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2 Responses to That’s Not What Was Supposed To Happen

  1. Looks yummy 🙂 I guess I know what I’ll be trying for dinner sometime this week!

  2. Roni says:

    They may be strange looking but they still look delicious!

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