Things My Family Taught Me

*Note: The College Gal is about to get a bit personal on you guys. But, don’t worry. There are definitely some invaluable cooking tips peppered in here somewhere.

At every family get together we’ve ever had at my house, everyone always ends up standing and talking in the kitchen. Why? I don’t know. We have a pretty spacious downstairs area. There are plenty of chairs, stools, and couches to be sat on. We have a nice-sized backyard. There is a lot of patio space to be stood on. But so what? We all gather in the kitchen. Dogs’ tails get stepped on, food is inevitably dropped, cabinets get opened into someone’s face. Fun times are had, no doubt.

I guess it’s no wonder then that I associate the kitchen with family. Sitting and observing these boisterous family gatherings or just watching them in the kitchen cooking, I’ve definitely learned my fair share of lessons. Wanted or not, their voices play in my head every time I cook. So, family, I’d like to say thank you for all you’ve taught me with the following little letters. Readers, read carefully. These are groundbreaking tips. You’re welcome for passing them along.

Dear Mommy,

Thank you for teaching me how to properly make a grilled cheese. Doesn’t everybody know that you must butter the bread instead of spraying the pan for the optimum golden brown sandwich? One day, they will all be on the same page as us. One day.


The College Gal

Dear my cousin Melanie,

Without your expertise I would still be making scrambled eggs wrong. I now know that you must wait for the egg along the edge of the pan to become firm and almost bubbly before carefully scraping from edge to middle around the entire pan. Firm, scrape, repeat. Thank you.


The College Gal

P.s. If we ever find the cooking show video that we taped when you taught me this over ten years ago, I will die of happiness.

Dear Daddy,

I credit you for teaching me the importance of a good dishtowel. Slinging one over your shoulder while you walk around the kitchen like a crazy person because you forgot to cut the onions and you needed them in your recipe, like, two minutes ago may cause people to think you are a bit insane but it is so super helpful. You’re the best.


The College Gal

Dear Grandma,

Who would’ve known that you should never beat eggs with a fork as it will bruise them? Always, always use a baby whisk. My eggs have never been more grateful. Thanks.


The College Gal

Dear my brother Jordan,

You taught me that it was okay to experiment in the kitchen. Yes, many of your trials were catastrophes and absolutely disgusting, but a few definitely knocked my socks off. For example, the Guacamole Creation of Summer 2009. Best. Guac. Ever.


The College Gal

Finally, and maybe most importantly…

Dear dogs,

How can I ever repay you for teaching me to never, ever leave anything on the edge of the counter. You will find it. You will reach it. You will eat it. I might cry. I forgive you both.


The College Gal

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